Digital Asset Management


Digital Assets – that´s the digital investments made in web sites, platforms, or apps – critical success factors of the future.  It´s time to consider a more advanced asset management.

Digital Assets include owned and publicly accessible infrastructure such as

  • digital platforms, e.g. business ports, 2-sided markets
  • content of all kinds, e.g. videos on the web
  • web sites and domains
  • channels, e.g. social media channels
  • transactional infrastructure, e.g. a proprietary blockchain
  • proprietary software, e.g. an app

Digital Assets are the critical success factors for your business that make the difference:

  • accessibility – how convenient reaching your business?
  • positioning – where are your positions (e.g. domains or platforms) held by your company and blocked for competitors?

It´s your digital assets that make the difference and keep you ahead of the game – much more than physical office or factory facilities.

Regardless whether property of your firm, or booked as a service – in any case digital assets have to be administered and calibrated under your governance.

The IIW designs your Digital Asset Management and creates a sound fundament for strategic and efficient use of your digital infrastructures.

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