Our Mission

Considering increasing business dynamics and an increasing complexity of Global economy, Corporate Information Management is more than ever challenged to provide the production factor information to all information-driven business processes in a most efficient way.
Moreover, Corporate Intelligence significantly contributes to shareholder value.

At the same time, and forever smitten, we have to consider IT Technology Management.
This has to develop and provide the required IT infrastructure that finally assures an efficient, well-performing, secure, and reliable use of information, and: Corporate Intelligence.

The IIW Institute has been involved in research, conceptual work, and theory development since its formation as an university-linked institute at Dortmund TechnologyPark in 1995.

Scientific research – integrating numerous contacts to renowned European universities – implies high methodological ambitions. However, close co-operation with leading and innovative business firms implies that the IIW will always operate in a practice-oriented, highly effective, and customer-focused way.

Subsequently, the vast majority of our studies derives from customer-dedicated research, consultancy, and implementation jobs intended for our clients´ internal use.

Apart from this, our research activities also have a focus on subjects of public interest, aiming at a publishing of research findings.