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Our contributions and supports comprise

  • Research – we create new knowledge
  • Advice and conceptual works – we help to improve, we help innovate
  • Theme Scouting – we show what´s of relevance tomorrow
  • Moderation of Change – we accompany in times of change and disruption
  • Coaching of Managers – we are at your side when you need our backing.

Since the Institute had been formed, our focus is on information – and on developing corporate competitive strength through the power of Digital Technologies.


Digitalisation has been our core topic for more than 25 years.  Concludingly, the IIW´s range of topics comprises:

  • Disruption, Digitalisation, and Corporate Strategy
  • Information Management, Knowledge Management,  Innovations Management
  • Enabling new business models through IT
  • Business Process Reengineering and IT-based optimisation of business processes
  • IT Service Management – in particular Marketing, Controlling, Optimisation of internal IT departments
  • Research into market development, trends, customer preferences within IT technology, IT products, and IT Services


The IIW has been working for IT user firms within manufacturing industry, trade, and services as well as for IT technology world market leaders.
Our customers are multinational conglomerates as well as innovation-driven medium-sized firms.

For all these firms we offer a range of valuable services improving their IT applications and IT service management:

  • Research / Studies / Internal Audits / Analyses
    From internal audits up to complete internal cost-benefit analyses or feasibility studies, for instance  regarding  
    • Status quo and improvement opportunities regarding IT concepts, IT services, and technologies
    • IT Strategy and IT-based Competitive Strategies
    • Business Process Re-engineering aiming at improvements in costs, productivity, service levels and service quality, with particular regard to the use of innovative IT
  • Expert Meetings – Market Surveys – Market Communications
    Recent developments in technology and the markets and their judgement by decision makers and managers in charge of IT, sales, Purchasing, and others are known to us from a mutual exchange of thoughts. These expert meetings with IT user firms as well as IT and IT service providers are a substantial part of IIW´s practice-oriented market communications.
  • Moderation / Workshops / Think Tank
    The management of change first of all requires exploration, delivery, collecting and assorting, documentation, and evaluation of ideas and inspiring pieces of information. In this early stages, information support, moderation and workshops are appropriate methods. During these stages of development, the IIW has repeatedly well performed as an ideal Think Tank for IT service units and IT technology firms.
  • Conceptual Work / Consulting
    Analysis itself does not solve problems. Therefore, we also give conceptual support, or accompany our clients until the concept has successfully been implemented.  This approach includes “routine” issues as well as rather innovative situations. Co-operation with the IIW may start with moderation and workshops, be limited to project management only, or gradually be extended to full-size consulting and implementation projects.
  • Implementation / Solutions
    Although the IIW is no systems or software company, in some cases we may also put your concept into practice. We then create feasible solutions, within short terms and at reasonable cost.
  • Training / Customised Seminars
    From us as a scientific institute you may expect a substantially contribution to transfers of know-how from university to practice. We offer dedicated, tailor-made seminars and workshops at your service, taking place in-house at your site or at selected seminar locations