IT services require a strategy – regardless if they represent the internal infrastructure backbone of a company – or an independent service business serving the markets.

First of all, IT strategy is based upon the directives of over-all corporate strategy. IT strategy has to contribute to all the strategic objectives provided by the over-all corporate strategy.

On the other hand, IT strategy itself provides the fundamental framework for all operational decisions and plannings of the next 3 or 5 years, in particular

  • building the potentials of a company´s IT competences, as a long-term offer addressed to internal user-customers inside the firm
  • for creation and improvements of new services, business processes, and applications
  • for basic and fundamental IT decisions
  • for investment decisions and different long-term plannings.

IT strategy defines

  • the strategic target position, i.e. where shall IT stand in 3 to 5 years from now ?
  • the way towards this strategic position, i.e. how and by which measures shall IT reach this position ?

Within this context, the well-known questions of strategic management may be risen, however focusing on the specific requirements of corporate intelligence and IT technology managements, e.g.

  • create a vision for strategic positions of IT
  • identify and define success potentials of IT, due to be opened
  • identify the relevant influencing factors (competition, technology, etc.)
  • clarify potential future situational frameworks (szenarios)
  • evaluate IT strengths and IT weaknesses
  • evaluate opportunities and threats.

As a result, IT strategy will be defined operationally – including all the measures to be taken, with calendar and milestones, and with a quantification of strategic cost and revenues figures.

The IIW Institute has developed a practice oriented Management Programme, that secures and supports corporate strategy with a professional IT strategy.
Besides conceptual consulting, implementation support is also offered, e.g. by monitoring the milestones, or an IT strategy projects management.